a dramatization of a true story of humanity at its finest…


In the picture below soldiers storm out of their trenches into ‘No Man’s Land’ advancing on the enemy. Sometimes ‘No Man’s Land’ – the narrow strip of land between the trenches – was no more than 50 feet wide.

Trench life was horrific.

Snipers were always looking for targets.

And then there were the relentless rains.

In a letter from the Western Front, Vyvyan Harmsworth, writes to Lord Rothermere:

“Hell is the only word descriptive of the weather out here and the state of the ground. It rains every day! The trenches are mud and water up to one’s neck, rendering some impassable – but where it is up to the waist we have to make our way along cheerfully. I can tell you – it is no fun getting up to the waist and right through, as I did last night. Lots of men have been sent off with slight frost-bite – the foot swells up and gets too big for the boot.”