a dramatization of a true story of humanity at its finest…


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In the latter part of 2011, I got up one dreary morning and turned on the news. The major headlines all dealt with war… worldwide. At that moment I decided to generate some positive energy into the world by doing a film of international interest. One that dealt with compassion and would be based on true events. After weeks of research, I came across the WW1 Christmas Truce. And to this day, every time I read, write, or speak about it, it brings me to tears.

American war vet Frank Buckles the last known survivor of WW1 died in 2011. And with the 100th anniversary of the war approaching, I believe that this story of humanity at its finest, needs to be told in order to keep these heroes memories alive.

We are currently raising funds to produce “Flanders Fields Miracle,” a short docudrama based on the true events of the Christmas Truce. If you would like to donate to our project, please click here.



“Flanders Fields Miracle” is a fiscally sponsored project of IFP (www.ifp.org)